Things You Should Learn Before Playing LoL

If you are a novice in LoL, you are likely to be unware of certain details. If you have big plans for the future, you should learn everything about LoL strategy to win while betting at

What Is Missing Inaction?

Discover what MIA means. In the game you need to declare MIA (missing inaction) - this means that the enemy leaves your line in a certain direction:

  • Mia top
  • Mia mid
  • Mia bot

When the enemy leaves, there is a chance that he will pass to another line, where a 3 on 2 battle may begin with unequal forces. For this situation, there is a special team. Write in the chat "callmia, damnit" when this happens.

Naturally, you can not climb to the center, play "solo". As a rule, a single player is guided by the goal of fast pumping, because it brings him more resources. When you reach level 6, it’s wrong to use a similar technique, creating 3 on 2 battles.

If you have started to play recently, then, most likely, you will be defeated in the middle, and no pumping will save you. Here, it is better to let others do it, and to play with your teammates.

You can not climb under the tower! At first, they start attacking creeps, but then they switch to live players, that is, you. An interesting point: until you attack the enemy player, the guns will kill the creeps, not you.

Are towers dangerous? You can die almost instantly. You should not attack the enemy’s towers, even if the opponent’s player is near 1 % of health. Diving under the tower is another term in LoL. This is called Towerdrive, but only experienced players use this technique.

How to Choose a Hero in LoL Newbie?

When you choose a hero, be guided by keywords. Let us examine the main ones:

  • Recommended - the easiest option. For most cases, this is the best option.
  • Ranged and Heal is a good choice.
  • Tank - choosing this hero, you may be expected to receive an attack on yourself.
  • Tough is a fat character close to the "tank."
  • Farmer is a useful type of player, it is easy for them to kill creeps (creeps are mobs, if someone does not understand). Expensive items for the farmer - not a problem.
  • Carry - the choice of those who have learned to play more or less. They get effects from gear, at the end of the game it gives its advantage.

How to Become a Good LoL Player?

Starting to play LoL is quite simple. Over time, you will understand this as soon as you start the group battles. To become a good player:

  • do not forget about lines;
  • die as little as possible;
  • do not play alone in the middle;
  • do not dive under the tower without experience;
  • keep the thought of "merging" out of the game;
  • practice more.

Remember the commands for the chat and the characteristics of the characters - choose for yourself the best option for yourself.